26 April 2015 We Come One || OCCII **Kingsnight edition**

We Come One: In response to the increasing commercialisation of the city of Amsterdam several Amsterdam based independent collectives have decided to join forces, pool their resources and create non-for-profit parties, expositions and events in and around the city. While each collective has its own character and flavour, they share a love for cultural cross-overs and the goal to support…

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Fr. 24 April Bassculture Miaaauw Soundz part XIV | OCCII

  Live Molam music | World | Cumbia | Dub | Misc. Soundz The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (Thailand) +DJ Sebcat (BRX,Rebel Up! Soundclash) +Vette Mette & Selektor Depender The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band are set to release their debut album ´21st century Molam’ on 1st December. Born out of the legendary paradise Bangkok sessions run by Djs…

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Do. 23 April Bladen bal || Sugar Factory

BASSCULTURE | VOLKSSNAKKEL | WE COME ONE   Waar het Boekenbal is weggelegd voor ‘de elite’ en meer van dat soort fratsen is het Bladenbal een jaarlijkse tegenhanger. Dit jaar zal het op 23 april in de Sugar Factory plaatsvinden met een uitgebreid programma waaronder live muziek, dj’s vj’s, dichters kunst en natuurlijk; onafhankelijke magazines, tijdschriften en bladen! Het Bladenbal…

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Miaaauw Soundz XIII

Sat. 21 March || OCCII SKWEEE / ELECTRONIC / WONKY / MISCELLANEOUS SOUNDZ On Saturday the 21st, we will have the thriteenth edition of Miaaauw Soundz! This edition will feature skweee electronics, wonky and miscelaneaous refreshments. Represented by the finnish label Harmönia we’d like to introduce Randy Barracuda (Helsinki) and Coco Bryce (Breda) who will squeeze out some skweee soundz,…

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Check out the new issue of the Bassculture Islands magazine! Featuring alot of artwork, great photography and interviews with artists. Also make sure to read the interview with the Dub Creator on his work, his view on the scène for dub and soundsystem culture and his connection with Bassculture. Click here and enjoy!