Selektor Depender

Founder of Bassculture Foundation, Producer and We Come One
programmer. Selektor Depender aka Marko Depender plays strictly
vinyl, but loves all other carriers too. His selection is a blend of
miscellaneous and obscure sounds, dubz and steppa orientated,
deadly basslines and experimental combinations.

Vette Mette

Vette Mette started haunting A’dam dance scene about 20y. ago.
He is now best known for burning dance floors wherever he drops
his nasty -vinyl only- selecta! His set are spicy & fat blench of dubby
breakbeats, heavy bass and steppa soundz.

DJ Cole45

DJ Cole45 continues the legacy of Mr. Dekker by playing 45’s on
the portable sound system that went around the world twice already
with that lovely old Mr. Dekker traveling as a music collector.

With shiploads of records and paraphernalia still sailing, Cole45
decided to take The Sound of Mr. Dekker on the road straight away-
all plug & play on the vintage FAL Stereo Disco set!

DJ Cole45 brings Reggae Rhythm & Blues Rock &n Roll Soul
Funk Calypso Rap ‘n Ravey Beats & Jazz.