We Come One: In response to the increasing commercialisation of the city
of Amsterdam several Amsterdam based independent collectives have decided
to join forces, pool their resources and create non-for-profit parties,
expositions and events in and around the city.

The previous edition of We Come One was an immense succes, sadly though,
many people couldn’t get in, so we’ve decided to re-load the event,
inviting back the original artists and featuring a few extra names!

There will be live music and performances courtesy of: Fresh and Instant
Collective and, Umeme Afrorave has announced to officialy release their
debut album on this night!

Local and international DJs will be playing across two rooms: dub, house,
jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, jungle, techno, grime etc.

The party will take place in the Occii and features a donation only entry

Collectives participating include: Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland •
Bassculture Foundation • Do It Together • VERBAASD • Instant Collective •
Low-Pitched • Mawimbi (FR) • Plattegrond Collective • Piss&Laugh TV •
Sub:terrein • Occ InIt • Raw42

Freshly prepared organic food will be available provided by RAW42: ‘raw
food’ refers to food that hasn’t been treated, processed or heated above
42°C; raw food retains its natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Venue: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 (eind van Vondelpark)Date: Friday 25th
of September 2015
Time: 21:30 – 4:00
Damage: On donation

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