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A group of untamed, artists dj’s, collectives and make their own nest, mixing styles, joining resources and ideas and finding new cross-overs. Together they form Alliance Nest!

The second episode of Alliance Nest will take place on friday the 13th of april on the high grounds of club IIWII, the top floor of the Big Building, right behind the central station in Groningen.

Reggae Dub – Soul Funk – Live Beats – Electronics & Various Niceness


Jah Rocket Soundsystem

Black Powder

Black T & Sugar S

Dikkie D

Feed the Pony

Null Wave (Live)



Speschar (Live)

Selektor Depender

Vette Mette

Concrete Zoo

Dragan Glamovic

Floor van Meeuwen

Koen de Graaf

Laureen Langkamp

Marit Westerhuis

Nona Metiarij

Tom Dijkstra


MC Brain


FR 13 April
Club IIWII, Achterweg 1, Groningen
Damage: Donation

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