Friday 19th of October

Vinyl Release Party at OCCII Amsterdam  | 22.00 – 04.00 | Damage 4.99e

In celebration of OCCII’s 20th anniversary, Bassculture is proud to bring a night full of records, vinyl release only. Expect an outrageous explosion of miscellaneous sounds, sub-heavy bass lines, roots steppa and digital dub. Be ready for another nice mess, all wrongs deserved… Miaaaauw***


– Istari Lasterfahrer (DE) / LP: Classles Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer
– Dj Marcelle (NL)/ 3rd double LP at the Klangbad Berlin label
– Selektor Depender (NL) ft Filtercutter (SB) / LP 12″ vinyl only: ‘Dub Carusseles’
– Hosted by MC Diamanta (NL) (

Dj Marcelle,

Surprise, adventure and excitements, the key words to describe the dutch DJ Marcelle , releasing her 3rd double vinyl with Klangbad Berlin label. Using live 3 turntables, on this new album Marcelle takes her mix talents to higher heights. She fuses musical styles like no other, making it seem like they always belonged together and making the audience believe they are listening to one track instead of three played simultaneously!

On this album whales become singers, a thunderstorm is the bass and some fanatically religious shouting gives a dubby beat that extra twist. Melancholic guitar sounds from the western Sahel are combined with avant garde noises from Dutch painter, sculptor and poet Karel Appel. Frogs, monkeys, dolphins, a yoga teacher, a crying baby and even the worst opera singer in the world turn up on the record, mixed with left field techno, free jazz, weird hip hop, cutting edge electronica, new African dance music, dubstep, dancehall and lots of less classifiable records. DJ Marcelle is as much, or even more of, a musician as she is a dj. A fitting description would be ‘avant garde ethno bass’ – but you decide. Her records collection? About 15,000 vinyl. Get ready for another -big- nice mess… Check out the Release Trailer (all wrongs deserved) on:

Istari Lasterfahrer,

Istari Lasterfahrer is born in Munich, raised in formely west Berlin and finalised in Hamburg in the late 80’s. He started his high grade digital music career with low end 80’s computer hardware. He throwed some loosy but nice jungle partys in Hamburg around the years 94/95 and started at that time dropping his tunes into bbs systems and the early internet. His first live performance was a hell of a rush of early harsh jungle riddims. A delicious meltdown of jungle/dubstep/dirty dub/dubcore kinna thing. He also killed three times bass speakers with his enormous high kinetic square subwave breaks on raves.

Istari lasterfahrer released uncountable tunes and releases on high profiled underground labels such as complication#27, stoopid plastics, cavage, dhyana records, pck, sprengstoff, mental ind., watch and pray, mash records, cobretti, bruchstellen, marasm, agriculture, klangbad, komod.o dragon records, soniq and his own imprint Sozialistischer Plattenbau.

Selektor Depender


OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 , Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (

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