Exclusive interview, outrageous revelations, new productions, fresh projects, miscellaneous pics & future collaborations… Have a look and enjoy! Psssst…but don’t tell anyone!

INTERVIEW: http://issuu.com/hoopdoop

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<< HoopDoop: What are you working on right now? Any future projects?

Selektor Depender : I like the collaboration with Daniele Labbate a lot and see many good things coming out of it. We will come out with our work in the coming year and fix a nice ‘meltdown’ that will bring another level of Bass & Culture for Holland as well as abroad. I love working with the Dub Creator. He is the Master & mixer (sound designer) of King Shiloh and mastered our 12” release at the Sozialistischer plattenbau label in Hamburg. I gave him a project to remix one of these tracks and came with a vocal of the famous jamaican Earl 16 to add to this version. The track is called ‘Digital Age’ and It will be our 2nd release soon! >>

Bassculture studio Selektor Depender Daniele Labbate

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