Bassculture Family Selektor Depender vs Daniele Labatte

Bassculture is born in 2012 with its first release: ‘Dub Carruseles’, a production by Selektor Depender and Filtercutter in collaboration with Sozialistischer Plattenbau. More than an explosive trip in the world of UK roots and dirty steppa, Bassculture label stands for a message where our mission is to create musical, cultural and artistic cross overs. More releases, new merges and unexpected ‘marriages’ are to come out in the nearby future. To stay tuned, don’t hesitate to join our mailing list!

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DUB CARRUSELES Selektor Depender Filtercutter Sozialistischer Plattenbau

Dub carruseles 12″ strictly vinyl (300 copies limited)

A 70’s orientated UK roots steppa digital production by Selektor Depender (NL) & Filtercutter (SB). Two heavy tracks with versions and soundscape included, 300 pieces limited, 50 white label.

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