Saturday night will be hot, hot, hot in Amsterdam! ZickZack Soundsystem invites Hugo Mendez, DJ, label-boss and music researcher from the forefront of the Tropical scene in Europe, for some freshness guaranteed! Tropical soundclash north sea jazz club

Expect a mix from featured vintage latin classics, exclusive african boogie dubplates, Sofrito productions and vinyl treasures. Hugo Mendez has put together several albums for leading record labels, including the genre-defining Tumbélé! compilation for Soundway Records and the highly successful Tropical Funk Experience album for Nascente. The albums come from digging trips across the Caribbean – scouring dusty warehouses and painstakingly tracking down artists and producers from back in the day. Get ready for hot temperature and fresh vibes***

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Saturday 15/09/12
From 23.00 – -4.00 @the North Sea Jazz Club

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