Daniele Labbate: Synths/Bass

Bas Bouma: Drums

Jos de Haas: Percussion

Michiel Bel: Guitar/Synths/Kalimba

Umeme Afrorave is a cross-over of energetic afro-beats and synthesizer sounds. Umeme flows in Swahii. The music is live played, deep and raw. The band performs with visuals and masks – created by Denisa Kollarova and Ronja Anderson (Rietvel Academy).

For their first album released this summer 2014, Umeme Afrorave collaborates with: King Ayisoba (Ghana), Koko Lawson (Togo) and Mineyshu (Ethiopie). The album is mixed by Dub Creator (A. Goldstein) – King Shiloh. Umeme has been strongly supported by Bassculture Foundation the first EP is coming out early summer 2014 on Bassculture Label.

Website: Umeme.nl

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