You want to be part of a Dub Creator Tune…? We got this fresh riddim that need to have some nice acoustic instrumentation and vocals. Bass is is played by mr Daniele Labbate !
So here’s a guidetrack which you can check and see if you can do something nice pon that riddim. Weather it’s percussion, horns, triangle, complete acoustic drums, flutes, guitars, or vocals….when it’s good…. just send it in!!!
Send your file in 44.1KHz, 24Bit mono .wav or aiff without any processing (no FX, Compression, EQ and such) to mentioning your name and instrument/vocal type and you might be on the next vinyl release from the DC Studio and get some credits and copies !!! Closing time is january 15th 2015. Winners will be notified halfway february 2015.
Download the guidetrack here…… Good luck and looking forward to get some serious stems in soon!!! Bless****

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