Sat. 21 March || OCCII


On Saturday the 21st, we will have the thriteenth edition of Miaaauw Soundz! This edition will feature skweee electronics, wonky and miscelaneaous refreshments. Represented by the finnish label Harmönia we’d like to introduce Randy Barracuda (Helsinki) and Coco Bryce (Breda) who will squeeze out some skweee soundz, an innovating genre wich is already booming in scandinavia but has yet to set foot in Amsterdam. Prepare for synth gallore with chiptune leads, ripping basslines and fresh grooves. From Amsterdam we have the versatile dj’s Vette Mette and Selektor Depender who’ll spice things up together with MC Pauluz, live on the mic!

Sat. 21 March || 23:00 – late || €5,99

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