Fr. 20 March || Klup X || NDSM, de Helling

Various / Hip hop / Funk / Rock / Punk / Cross-over / Raaauw


On the second edition of Raaauw Soundz we present a new line-up with new raw sounds. Expect to witness high energy live shows by Skere Heren (Zaandam) and Läcker (Groningen), both crossing over between different genres, combining rock, hip hop, funk and many more elements into their own authentic style. Dj Vette Mette and Selektor Depender from Amsterdam will be there to kick some tunes from their collection and provide us with the Raaaauw Soundz we need!


Fri. 20 March || Food from 18:00, Raaauw Soundz from 21:00 || €5,-

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