Raaauw Soundz! The aim for the series is to display a cross-section of different currents in sounds and visuals that are moving the band scene forward. This will be the final edition of the first series of Raaauw Soundz… so make sure you don’t miss this finale!

Volume 3 will feature live shows by Bartek: Stoner grooves heavy as boulders, fuzzy riffs & roughness. These guys know how to build a wall of sound with just three band members.

The Burners: have you ever heard of bitch-pop? NO, this is a premiere! The Burners will turn the heat up with an intoxicating mix of electro, punk, rock, catchy tunes and mad energy. Don’t forget to bring an extra shirt ’cause this band will make you sweat! Did i mention we have an international line up this time?  Dj & Producer O Samuli A (Power Nap Productions) is coming to Klup X all the way from Helsinki, Finland! Electronic music ranging from soothing dumbient soundscapes to funky chipstes bl€€ps and $tyles, O Samuli A got it covered.
He’s a veteran on leftfield electronics and is coming with freshly brewed vinyl… we are curious! So keep your eyes out for his debut LP Field trip, to be released in may this year by Pelle Sensibile.


Last but not least Selektor Depender has a collection suitable for any kind of atmosphere to kick some grooves that make you move! Ofcourse the Volkssnakkel crew will be there as well with a stack of full size original snakkels full of artwork, illustrations, good news and weird shit for you to enjoy!
Prepare for an eclectic night, raw as a red steak! With high energy shows, Various soundz & styles, allround madness. This is rock’n roll 2.0 In a location that is one of the last of it’s kind, Klup X NDSM werf, be there or beware!


Good food from 18:00

Good times from 21:00

Damage: €4,99



* Th€ mon€y coll€ct€d at th€ door is us€d to cov€r th€ co$t$ & to divid€ b€tw€€n th€ arti$t$

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