Shout out to WorldAReggae for shooting an unforgettable show! Last thursday at Odeon, the fire was burning with exclusive live dub sessions by the Mad Professor ft. the Bassculture band, Dub Creator ft. Lyrical Benjie, Kubus, MC Strawl, Jazzsteppa, Selektor Depender, Filtercutter, MC Diamanta, L-Dopa, Dj Sonny, Hotmamahot Crew, Rednas_audio, DJ One Love, Piss&Laugh TV, Poema Jones, Planet Rose and Caribbean Creativity

Special BIG UP to the artists who killed it, and to everyone inna place who took it to the next level, awesome vibeZ and pure energy!

Missed out the show? Check out these impression by WorldAReggae:


EXCLUSIVE! Mad Professor performing ‘Di people dem a” Bassculture Rond Volle Maan!

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