EXCLUSIVE DROP! ‘Blood Earth – Back against the Wall’ brand new release from Jazzsteppa in collaboration with Word Sound Power, a mix media dedicated to showcasing collaborations with revolutionary singers based across India.

This heavy mind awakening Back Against the Wall (Blood Earth) is the first collaboration between Jazzsteppa and Word Sound Power. This remix combines the deep lyrics of Delhi Sultanate with the mixing skills of upcoming Vienna based dubstep trio Atomique and the rhythm section of Israeli dub outfit Zvuloon Dub System. ‘Blood Earth – Back against the wall’ Jazzsteppa inna place, putting the step inna di dub, a K I L L A!! Hope you dig it***

Word Sound Power is a Goethe Insitut funded trust based in New Delhi which through music and film is dedicated to showcasing collaborations with revolutionary singers based in various regions across India.

Blood Earth is the trust’s second project, filmed and recorded in Kucheipadar, a tribal village in the state of Orissa India that has been the site of an intense and prolonged conflict whilst being home to an amazingly rich musical tradition.

“In the mid 90s, large deposits of Bauxite, the mineral from which aluminium is made, were discovered in the area. Soon after, the district became a conflict zone where a vibrant people’s movement blossomed with songs, serving as a uniting force. With a mobile music studio, Word Sound Power joined local singers and musicians in Kucheipadar for a new type of collaboration.” – Word Sound Power

The end of November will see the collective of Word Sound Power release a Blood Earth LP, full to the brim of completely original music. Early 2013 will also see the release of a full remix album with tracks from the likes of Jazzsteppa, Dr Das, Subswara and Subatomic Sound System. All music, including the remixes will be available to stream and download for free via their newly built website (currently under construction). The album itself features various singers from Kucheipadar, most prominently Bhagwan Majhi, the leader of the movement in Kucheipadar who also composed and wrote a majority of the songs.


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